My name is Chris I am a person passionate about delving into the philosophical aspects of life. I am a therapy advocate and assist with people finding therapists that are right for them. I love traveling, gaming, and helping people with automating and building systems in their lives and business.
Christopher King
Hi! I’m JD, I’m 40 and I’m Irish, but I was born in Kenya and consequently studied Zoology at University but have since worked in fields from hospitality to retail, and from fitness to education! Most recently, through teaching English and travelling in Asia, I started to take advantage of a skill I started learning as a teenager and began working online as a transcriptionist to supplement my income. Also as a teenager I practiced Ju-Jitsu which lead me down a spiritual and philosophical path resulting, in my early 20’s, in my experiencing what John Vervaeke describes as a Higher State of Consciousness. This was profound and quite life changing for me; a real transformative experience! Since then I’ve been privately studying works from cognitive science through philosophy to quantum physics in a bid to try to understand it more so that I could help others to appreciate the deeper meanings I discovered and to perhaps experience it themselves! I’m grateful to the universe, whatever powers that might be, or just sheer chance for leading me to work as transcriber/proof reader on this project which is aimed at achieving goals that are so perfectly aligned with my own.
JD McManus
Transcriber (1-36)
I'm Nica! Ever since I can remember, I've always found joy in reading books, particularly mysteries, domestic thrillers, fantasies, and recently, climate fiction and sci-fi. Currently, I have discovered the peace that simple living can give to one's soul, so I've been striving to reduce my possessions and declutter my life, both physically and psychologically. I also enjoy an active lifestyle, hot black coffee, and the great blue sea.
Benica Chua
Transcriber (36-50)