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We finally completed this series
Below are the current lessons completed by John Vervaeke, we hope that these notes will help you as you watch his videos 🙂


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Ep. 50 - Awakening from the Meaning Crisis - Tillich and Barfield
In this last and final episode, Vervaeke draws together the framework for relevance realization and puts it into deep dialogue with the last two prophets of the meaning crisis. Tillich’s main response provides us with a guide to live courageously. We encounter a transjective and transformative process of realizing a God beyond the God of theism. Vervaeke then presents Barfield’s infinity of reality and poiesis as ekstasis in creativity. Through this critical but creative dialogue, we see a potential synoptic integration to awaken from the meaning crisis.
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Ep. 49 - Awakening from the Meaning Crisis - Corbin and Jung
In this episode, Vervaeke picks up on his discussion of Corbin’s symbol and the divine double and integrates it with the notion of aspirational rationality. He presents problems of the non-logical identity and the paradox of self-creation. He bridges the relationship between S1 and S2 in moving from your self now to your aspired-to self. He proposes the term sacred second self and discusses Jung’s notion of individuation, which picks up on the processes within the psyche that’s conducive to responding to the meaning crisis.
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Ep. 48 - Awakening from the Meaning Crisis - Corbin and the Divine Double
In this episode, Vervaeke continues delving into Heidegger’s work, encountering Eckhart’s non teleological relationship to the play of being. We see through Corbin’s work that the recovery of gnosis is bound up with imagination. Vervaeke makes the distinction between imaginary and imaginal and Corbin’s imaginal understanding of the symbol. He pursues Corbin’s core symbol and its relation to gnosis and dasein. He takes a look at the historical work and the transgressive mythology of the divine double. He integrates this with the process of aspirational rationality that is central to self-transcendence and central to us in becoming more rational and more wise.
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Ep. 47 - Awakening from the Meaning Crisis - Heidegger
In this episode, Vervaeke pursues Heidegger’s work in-depth. He explains how we quest into our being to get a deeper understanding of being itself and come into contact with our modal existence. He discusses the notion of truth as aletheia and gnosis as a participatory knowing that is a dynamic coupling. He shows Heidegger’s criticism of the history of metaphysics and forgetting the being mode, which fundamentally misframes our relationship to being and subjects us to modal confusion, which is the heart of the meaning crisis.
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Ep. 46 - Awakening from the Meaning Crisis - Conclusion and the Prophets of the Meaning Crisis
In this episode, Vervaeke connects wisdom to enlightenment, arguing that the wise cultivation of enlightenment is our deepest existential response to awakening from the meaning crisis. He draws all the machinery of relevance realization together into discourse with the central prophets of the meaning crisis. He shows Husserl’s phenomenology and argues that phenomenology is the reflective, experimental, exploratory, probative attention paid to perspectival knowing of the transjective relationship. Vervaeke agrees with Heidegger’s criticism of Husserl and shows us how to come into contact with our own modal existence in the mystery of being itself.
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